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The design of Apair leather items was born in Denmark and manufactured by hand-crafted principles in Italy. Irregular shades are characteristics of the natural leather and certify the uniqueness.

Love them and wear them as a treat for your feet, but protect them from the rain, because the leather is not water proofed. Let them rest once in a while and dry slowly if exposed to water.

Remember that leather needs protection and moisture, and that you'll be able to use your darlings much longer, if you handle them with care. Change the soles and heels in good time - and be nice to accessories and zippers. They will love you for it.


Caring for your shoes starts before you get shoe polish on. Here are some very basic tips that apply to both sneakers and leather shoes.
Always treat your shoes with Impregnating Spray before wearing them for the first time, you get the shoes the necessary protection against dirt and moisture (except sneakers that are not made of leather, and patent leather shoes).
Change shoes every day as the shoes through the day can become wet and footwear need about 24 hours drying time.
Do not use shoe polish as a cleaning agent. First remove the worst dirt with a cloth or brush
Always use a suitable care product for shoes. If in doubt, ask your cobbler.
If the shoes get soaked, never dry them on a heater or the like. Otherwise, you risk that the leather dries out and cracks. 



Leather shoes are some of the most pleasant to wear because the leather molds to your feet over time. Leather shoes also require the most care, but if you take good care of your leather shoes, they will last longer without looking worn out.
Clean. If the shoes are dirty, wipe them with a damp cloth. Don’t saturate by soaking them, and do not use any kind of detergent to clean them.
Take care. Treat them with shoe polish cream and rub it into the leather with a cloth. Choose a cream that nourishes and softens the skin. Preferably in a matching color with the shoe, so it also spices up the color. Otherwise, a neutral cream is excellent.
Polish. After the cream you need to polish the shoes. If you want really great results, use a soft shoe brush with natural horsehair.



Suede, nubuck and velor leather: These skins can in principle be impregnated with spray so it gets some water and dirt resistance. If an accident occurs, you can use a suede brush that brushes the skin up again and thus removes dirt and stains. There are also several special products r that can remove stains from delicate skins. Next, the leather is impregnated again. Never use water on these types of leathers, and try not to wear them when it’s raining

Patent leather shoes are leather coated with either varnish or foil. Therefore, the shoe can be either treated with impregnating spray or cared for with shoe polish. This type of leather can also be treated with oil. Apply the oil with a soft cloth and polish after.

Other special types of leather, snakeskin or metal: Shoes with such leathers are relatively rare - therefore it is best to seek out a cobbler, who certainly has a special product for cleaning and care of these types of skins. For example, an ordinary shoe polish can not care enough for a pair of shoes in alligator or snakeskin - they must have special reptilian shoe care.


Leather shoes have either leather sole or a rubber sole. Common to both is that they are worn down. As a rule of thumb, you should change your soles on the shoes when the rubber sole of the heel is down to one millimeter thickness. It's a good idea to treat the shoe with a rubber sole, if it is only equipped with a leather sole - that way, the shoes are more waterproof.