Kenzina – Burgundy

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This red beauty clutch of KENZINA is timeless and will never go out of fashion. The elegance of this edition will take any outfit to the next level, and the detachable metal chain makes the bag extremely versatile.  The three compartments will easily fit everything you need, making this bag your ideal companion for any occasion.

Crocodile skin leather bag in red, handmade in Senegal. The bag has a detachable and adjustable metal chain (approximately 125 cm). The handbag is made of skin from crocodiles raised on a farm in southern Senegal. The meat from the crocodiles is sold to local hotels and restaurants, thus ensuring that no part of the animal is wasted in the production process. KENZINA uses CITES-certified sustainable skin. Although KENZINA is not Fair Trade certified, we adhere to Fair Trade principles including full transparency, open communication and proper wages.



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