The Barcelò Family’s story began with Manolo’s creative genius in 1960, a master in handmade rope making and weaving, he obsessively pursues perfection in the production of espadrilles for the most important and fashionable Maisons. That represents the starting point for his son Manuel Martinez, who after lending his creativity to many other designers decided 10 years ago to set up his own brand, and so Paloma Barcelò was born (name that will devote to his first-born). Espadrilles, as in the most ancient Spanish tradition, takes their defined shape from the the prestige of being handmade. Each of these elements are clear from the first collections, enough to be in the most important shop windows in the world.

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  • Hovedvagtsgade 6 - 1101, København Denmark
  • CVR: 19045846
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Who we are?

Copenhagen luxury footwear stores and label. We aim at selling elite products, made by the best designers in the world.

It’s handmade. It’s beatiful and it’s all about quality!

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Apair City
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Ph: +45 33 91 99 20
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Apair Airport
Copenhagen Airport Transithallen
2770 Kastrup
Ph: +45 32 31 48 69

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Apair Waterfront
Philip Heymans Allé 17
2900 Hellerup
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Falkoner Allé 21
2000 Frederiksberg
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